Perchance to Dream

Everybody Must Get Stoned

After defeating the Medusa at the cost of Fein being turned to stone, an old friend showed up, Lord Ord. Summon by the Feywild to help his sworn friends in a time of need, he appear before the party, rolling in to the room- flung across the void from another world.

Shortly there after, the Party decided to behead the medusa witch, and take the foul creature crown as a trophy/weapon. Draya volunteered. When she struck her blow, she was instantly turned to stone. Brave, but foolish Lord Ord pick-up the head and placed it into a bag, with a flap – converting the medusa’s head in a sack into a make-shift “Bull’s-eye Lantern of Gorgon Power”. So, down two party members, plus one old friend and a “statue-maker-in-a-bag”, they continued on.


Upon leaving the temple the party saw a Gazebo of Doom, where a number of nasty devils and humans were congregating. The party engaged them in mortal combat. The battle began with Corrin sneaking around to close the distance and get a better look. Next Lord Ord moved in and raised the Medusa head at some baddies and smote their ruin upon the gazebo steps. Short there after, Corrin was transformed by Lord Ord into a Demonic Empowered Super-being; waging battle on the enemies with all the fury of hell. Markson smashed many foes with his mighty Mordenkrad. Thus the party cleaned house and left none alive.

After searching the gazebo, the party found set of steps that lead into the bowels of the earth. The party, not lacking in adventuring spirit, ventured down into the deep. Their curiosity was repaid with fierce battle again nasty Tieflings and deadly ice hounds which literately burst upon the seen, straight up through the icy floor. The party feared not and beat them all to death. Not without trouble though, Markson was harried by the Tieflings. They tried to knock him into a pit; the wily Markson would have none of it, teleporting himself out of danger.

Upon further examination of the lair, after the battle, the party found a pile of gold, jewels, armor, and some potions to remove the petrifaction effects on Draya and Fein. The party rejoiced. Lord Ord said his goodbyes and returned to his home world.



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