Perchance to Dream


Utley’s Pass

The adventurers discover two dead shadar-kai that had been guarding this side of the pass, evidently killed by packs of kobolds. With fortune favoring the brave, they reach Gamal unharmed.


As our heroes approach the city, the great spires of Gamal rise above them. Inside, they are met by every form of hustle and bustle of a busy city, passing the dwarven garrison encamped beyond the city gates.

Muther’s [Inn and Tavern]

Our heroes take in a short rest and refreshments before setting out into the city. Fein finds his usual entertainment of “daggers”, eschewing the normal rules and throwing a hand axe instead. Corrin speaks a man named with Drexel at the bar. He presents himself a “friend” (of the Graycloaks). Drexel requests Corrin’s presence at a Graycloak meeting at nightfall.

Commons (Temple of Imperiad) – Daytime

The adventurers deliver Brother Thomas to the safety, though Crestview was to be his intended destination. Markson also meets up with a fellow brother of the cloth, a dwarf named Hoseo. Corrin reports of his findings in Crestview.

Commons (Beneath the Temple) – Nighttime

Corrin arrives as requested and enters the Graycloak secret meeting. He is met by several members, including the Gamal cell leader, Blake. He presents the head of Shade and the Blackheart emblem to the Graycloaks. He is also made aware of a Graycloak spy (“Bad” Ian DeYoung) within the Blackheart ranks. Corrin is given the rank of Quickblade.

Arts District (Woosley Mansion)

Corrin with his trusty hat of disguise, takes on the guise of a well to-do art afficianado) goes to speak with Baron Woosley. Arriving at his door, he’s greeted by Agador, the Baron’s man-servant. Agador humbly leads Corrin through the lavishly well decorated mansion. Finally, he is graciously greeted by Baron Woosley himself. Corrin pretends to be genuinely interested in the Baron’s art but subtly leads the conversation towards Woosley’s thoughts on Vitruvius. He finds out that Baron of the Common District, Prad “the Glum” is also a supporter of Vitruvius.

Magic District

It’s discovered that a man named Martellius has offered to make magical items for another man named Lucas. This plan was put to an end in the basement of Muther’s.

Palace – Nighttime

Not gaining the magical item they were after, the Blackhearts still intent on destroying the palace with Vitruvius in it, roll a flaming cart towards the main entrance. Our heroes were able to stifle the fire with minimal damage to the building itself. Thus, foiling the Blackheart’s assassination attempt on Vitruvius.

Side Notes

Corrin discovers that Brother Hoseo is a member in good standing of the Graycloaks in Gamal.

Supports Vitruvius – Baron Braden Woosley (Arts District),Baron Prad “the Glum” (Common District), and Baron “Good” Ian DeYoung (? District)

Against Vitruvius – Baroness Avery Carmel (Magic District)


Baron Woosley does not support Vitruvius. He is one of the Baron’s in support of allowing the people to choose who leads them…in fact Woosely is the ambitious one who likely wants to head Gamal.


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