Perchance to Dream

Paths of Glory

The adventures made their way to a familiar face who recently came to Iberia, Mangold. Lounging in a tavern (go figure). He had designs that a new temple will be build for Imperiad in Crestview, in what is Founder Nealaini’s palace. (She didn’t like this idea.) He with his two trusty dwarf slaves wanted the party to take him there safely, for 1800 gold. The Founder, wanted us tto rid Crestview of the evils there. So the party was set on going to Crestview. First though, the group spoke to the Nightingales. This would be the finial meeting with Helm LaVon. Future action will go through normal priest channels. Also, the Palantin was given to the Nightingales to hold. A Dwarf Warrior named Merric needed to see General Vatruvius in Gamal. We agreed to head there after cleaning out Crestview.

On the Mountain Road to Crestview – The party was jumped by thugs – 13 bandits, 1 Evistro, and 4 Mages. After triping and falling several times, the party nobly beat most of them to death. Thomas Mangold casually one-shotted an enemy that the party had worked over for some time, credit credit where it was not due. The party found out that the bandits served a man named Dread Lockstone, who had control of Crestview and serves “the hermit”.

Side Note: The dwarven slavery issue was solved by Fein. Who decided to burn Mangold’s cart which he had the dwarfs carry him in. Also, Fein decided to pound Mangold with a radiant magic punch. This caused some strife between the party. The fight was broken up by Markson, who was forced to side with Thomas, to his great displeasure.

Arrive at Creatview- Was a big mistake in scale of the enemy the party faced. Corrin decided to disguise himself as “the hermit”. He bravely went in to recon, alone. The town was crawl with Shader-Kai and Mages. He went to the Palace to visit Dread Lockstone. The man told Corrin that the army was readying for their next attack. Corrin left after obtaining this information, passing through the city without interruption, masked as the fearsome and mysterious hermit.

The party decided that they were out-numbered too badly, so they took to the road to Gamal to meet the Army General Vatruvius.



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