Perchance to Dream


The adventure begins with a nap…

In need of rest after a difficult battle the party sets up camp in the room with the giant medusa head. The hours pass by and it appears that the rest will be an uneventful one – but during the last watch of the night Markson hears a group coming down the stairs into the chamber. He awakes his comrades and they plan an ambush at the base of their stairs. A cultist appears dragging a Halfling behind him in ropes. The party is ready for him and is able to dispatch of the cultist before he is able to utter any cry. The prisoner is freed and it turns out to be none other than Daisy.

Daisy and Corrin reunite and exchange stories of their adventures. Corrin is also aggressively questioned about why he allowed Dailia to get stabbed during their trek to Discordia. The party decides to continue though the hallway, and as Corrin is picking the lock to the door he hears chanting from down the way.

Corrin managed to unlock the door and the team finds themselves facing a room with 4 stone gorgon statues. Fein uses his familiar to scout the room, but it is destroyed by a magical spike. The party decides that foolishness is the best part of valor and charges across the room blindly. They make it across, but suffer a significant amount of damage from the traps. They jig up a rope across the room for Dailia and Nalania to climb across. The rope holds, but both of the women are unable to make the climb in their weakened state. Dalia is able to escape the room unharmed, but Nalina takes a serious wound from a trap and must be rescued by Markson who takes even more damage.

The chanting has grown vary loud by this point, but the team decides that they should still take a quick rest to lick their wounds.

Once they had caught their breath they charged into the room with the chanting. In this room they found an assortment of devils and cultists – battle was joined post haste! Draya and Markson held the line, squaring off against the bearded devils, while Fein and Corrin turned their attention to the cultists. The cultists were protected by a powerful magic and seemed immune to all harm, pissing Fein off to no end.

Fein eventually discovered that they were protected by a spell which was focused in a bowl of blood, and after he toppled the bowl he was able to kill the cultists with great bravado. One he and Corrin finished wiping up the cultists they rejoined Draya and Markson and were able to dispatch of the remainder of the devils.

They are then treated to a vision from what can only be the snakewhore, condemning them all to a horrible horrible death just as soon as she can get around to it.



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