Perchance to Dream

Shrine of the Fallen Lama

The party handed over Broxton to Vitruvius and told him of the plan that Broxton had to destroy him.

Vitruvius asked the party if they knew what powers “the hermit” had. The party told Vitruvius that the Hermit was a wizard.

Vitruvius told the party of an ancient sect of monks located in the Hazel Mts. just south of Gamal. These monks had belonged to the “Shrine of Zongxian”. This shrine did not worship any particular god, they had respect for knowledge, wisdom, and were trained in the martial arts.

Something corrupted their Lama. The corruption was contained in the immediate area of the shrine. It is said that the Hermit has taken a great interest in this shrine and actually visited the shrine himself or sent someone to visit it.

Viturvius sent a dwarven militia, headed up by, Gala, a female dwarf, to investigate what was happening and see if they could locate the Hermit. It has been an month since they were dispatched by Vitruvius and have yet to return.

Vitruvius tells the party that the Shrine is located in an impassable area where bandits and raiders dwell to pray on all who dare venture that way. Draya and Corrin recall hearing about the Shrine that attracted students from all over. This Shrine is believed to be a “mystical realm”.

It is said that before there was a “skizm” among the followers , the Lama became too arrogant and the followers came to question his ability to lead them. It is said that the Lama and his followers are still trapped in the Shrine on a plateau in the Hazel Mts.

The Lama is an immortal being that takes a humanoid form. Not sure how he became immortal, perhaps a long liniage of Lama’s that are voted in and they continue to take over each other”s body. It is unknown as to what has corrupted the Lama and there are very few monks left outside of the Shrine. They are scattered all about and keep to themselves.

Corrin goes to his “contacts” and they do not know od any monks about, but they have heard of the Shrine. They tell Corrin that it is an evil place where beings become cursed or their abilities are weakened once they enter the Shrine.

Viturvius tells wants the party to find the dwarven party he sent a month ago and to see why the Hermit would have an interest in the Shrine. He tells them it is about a days journey, but to beware of the bandits along the way.

Martellis excuses himself to the roof and begins to chant. He casts, “Eagles Flight”, where eight giant spirits are summoned to take the party to the Shrine in the Hazel Mts. Martellis summons a great golden griffon, Corrin a pegasus, Draya a golden dragon, Markson an imperial griffon.

The party makes a pass over the city and onward to the Hazel Mts.

Around mid-afternoon, the party approaches the Hazel Mts. There is a smokey, yellowish fog surrounding the mountains. The party takes flight over the mountains and see the plateau where the Shrine is located. The party sees that most of the buildings are in ruin and there is a path that winds up to the Shrine on the plateau. AS they are flying over the Shrine, their spirits all begin to experience “turbulence” dues to the shroud of darkness surrounding the area. It passes and the spirits land their party members safely on the path leading up to the Shrine.

The party begins to make their way up the winding path to the ruins atop the mountain plateau. The party makes it up to two huge towers. They notice the gatehouse has been somewhat renovated and that someone has made the gateway larger. Draya and Markson march up to the broken archway and see two large-size figures mulling about in the gatehouse. It looks like these two large figure are carrying javelins. Draya and Markson see that these two creepers are Ogres. The party attacks the two vermin. One of the Ogres disappears from sight. As the fight with the one ogre continues, another Ogre with a horned viking type hat appears. The party encounters three Ogres who are very determined to stop them. As the attacks continue, some of the members begin to feel that their attack moves are just not dealing the amount of damage that they should be.

The party defeats the Ogres and some healing is need on “the tank” as the horned hat Ogre took a special liking to her. The party investigate the Ogre gatehouse and find it to be very disgusting. They search the dead Ogres and find 5 small cut diamonds, gold pieces, and javelins. Draya decides that the horned hat that her bad-ass buddy had on, would make her look goods so she takes it.

The party venture into the Shrine complex to investigate. Corrin hears a door open and turns to see what it is. It looks like humans who are very pale and have dark circles under their eyes. They are not shooting “THRILLER” here, so they must be undead monks of the shrine.

As the undead monks check out out our party members, the party quickly moves behind a broken part in the stone wall surrounding the Shrine. The undead monks are packing scimitars adn are ready to par-tay.

Draya hurls some dragon breath at them and toasts all three of the undead monks. Martellis lands an attack as well. The enemy attacks from the brick building across the way from the wall via arrows. The arrows miss our party.

The undead monks attack the party behind the wall…again our blows are not landing as hard as they should be. We defeat the undead monks and make our way to the brick barracks. Corrin, Markson, and Martellis enter the barracks. They defeat the arrow spewing undead monks inside.

The party searches the barracks and find nothing but living quarters.

The party searches around and see better looking buildings around. They see a courtyard with a well. As the party walks through the courtyard, Draya, Martellis, and Corrin hear music coming from inside one of the buildings. Markson does not and trys to stop Draya, Martellis and Corrin continue to head to the building. Markson lets Draya go and goes up to the door of the building and trys to barricade the doors of this builing. Markson does not know what is goingb on and why his friends are so intent on entering this building.

Martellis, Draya, and Corrin are about to burst through the doors when Markson charges into the room and sees a very prestine looking room. White walls, tapestries, desk, etc are all in the room. Markson sees a book in a glass display case. He breaks the glass and takes the book out. He cannot read the what is printed on the book’s cover. Martellis, Dray, and Corrin are about to touch the book, when Markson runs away from them, outside the of the towers. They chase Markson outside of the walls of the Shrine. Martellis, Draya, and Corrin are fine now. Markson tells them that they entranced by the book.

Markson learns that the book has some kind of magical powers. The book makes him feel good as he is holding it in his hands. Markson decides to take the book back into the gates to see what will happen. Nothing. He enters the courtyard. Nothing. He brings the book back into the building and nothing. The rest of the party follows him and look around the building. They look at the tapestries and see what seems to be the Lama standing over a map of very different lands.

While looking at this, the floor begins to rumble and a bullit ascends from below.



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