Martellus Duros


  • Half-Elf Paladin|Warlock
  • Crimson Legionnaire, Order of the Light
  • Warsmith and lone survivor of the Vistani Clan Tarxn
  • Rank: Commander
  • Age: 30
  • Height: 6’1"
  • Weight: 165
  • Distinguishing Marks: Vistani Blooding Ritual Scar
  • Deity: Pelor (Good)

Martellus is a half-elf from the vistani clan Tarxn. They were one of many clans who move city to city selling their magic crafting skills and exotic enchanted wears. As they made their way, they pasted on the traditions and skills on, generation to generation. Martellus was apprenticed at a young age into his fathers trade. Even as a youth his skills rivaled his fathers.

Many predicted that one day he would rise as the leader of the clan. This was never to be. As the Tarxn crossed the Ghad Sea (Great Desert), a massive group of raiders attacked and killed all of his clan, save him. The raiders made camp at the scene of their slaughter and divided their bounty. Martellus (age 12) laid hidden under a wrecked caravan wagon throughout the night. Unbeknown to the raiders, they had been tracked by the Crimson Legion, a fierce and power order that served the God Pelor (Good). The next morning, the Morninglords (Elite Legionnaires) served the raiders breakfast “Crimson Legion style”, with double helpings of Justice. No raiders left alive. The Legion did find one youth in the rubble in needs of shelter. The Legion took Martellus in and taught him their ways.

Martellus showed great promise in the legion. His drive to serve justice and his arcane aptitude made him a powerful asset. He quickly moved through the rank to have a command of his own.

Though the order was known to be the stabilizing force throughout the land, none could have predicted how quickly true evil would destroy their world. Forces of the Lord of Discordia set its sights on Loridorn (the world). They corrupted religions, setup new temple and conducted rituals that brought about the end of the world, all without the detection of the Crimson Legion, until it was too late.

When the Legion finally realized what was happening they knew world was lost, but were determined to stop the destruction of other worlds. As all the world was pulled into oblivion, the most powerful of the brotherhood opened a portal to the source of the terrible forces at work on their lost world. The legionnaires found themselves in the plane of Discordia. Many died fighting the unspeakable horror of that blighted land, a few found their way to the Citadel of Light. Over time, they became one of the military wings of the Brotherhood of Light; Although the Crimson Legion worships a different god then some of the founding member of the Brotherhood of Light, they have the same goals and are known for being fevered champions of Justice, Righteousness, and the Light.

Martellus was one of the lucky who made it to the Citadel of Light (age 16). For years he has been sent to various worlds to fight injustice and smite the agents of the Lord of Discordia.

His current assignment (age 30) is to take the place of Fein the Iron Mage on the world of Nattvar. Fein has recently been attracting the attention of the Lord of Discordia. One of the Lord of Discordia ’s agents attack Fein while he was on the world. The Brotherhood thought it best to recall Fein to the Citadel of Light for more training in resisting the temptation of dark impulses. Further, the Brother felt that to hedge against the Lord of Discordia taking an interest in the world itself, Martellus would be their sentinel to watch over the world and raise forces to assure the supreme of light over darkness.

Vistani Blooding Ritual Scar:

Martellus has settled into his role as one of the Lords (Marshalls) of Iberia. He believe his training and superior judgment (Lawful-Good alignment too) make him the perfect choice for High Inquisitor of Iberia (A title he created for himself)- Behind his enormous desk his word is law.

Martellus Duros

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