Perchance to Dream

Like a Rolling Snakewhores Stone

The adventure begins with the party standing around the corpse of Shadow, the mighty dragon which they had slain. A dead dragon tells no tails however, and they still needed answers. Markson prepares a ritual of raise dead, and though the help of his friends he is able to summon enough power to demand 2 questions of the specter.

The first question asked is “When will ‘H’ visit the town again”, and they are fortunate to learn that “H” is scheduled to visit within the next week. The second question asked is “What has happened to Daisy?”, the sister of Corrin. They learn that she has been sold into slavery, with “H” as her master.

The party has time to rest up and formulate their plan for the arrival of “H”. They have Corrin impersonate the shopkeeper of the shop above Shadows lair and rig up a simple system which allows Corrin to ring a bell outside to shop from behind desk.

With time to spare they go around town and ask if there are any issues which trouble the town. They do learn that there is a small population of Shadar-Kai which has been stealing from the townsfolk. They approach Sherman, head of the town garrison, with this information – but he denies the presence of the Shadar-Kai and is a general dope.

Without the assistance of the garrison the party decides that it would take to much of their resources to track down the source of the Shadar-Kai and keep adequate watch for “H” so they abandon the idea of the Shadar-Kai and settle down and wait.

The majority of the party takes watch at a tavern nearby with has a clear view of the shop that Corrin is tending. As they sit patiently – or in Feins case, destructively – a hooded patron comes to the shop and stares into the windows warily. Corrin waves the man in, and after a few moments thought the figure enters the shop and approaches Corrin.

The man speaks to Corrin in strange language, and Corrin fakes a condition which does not allow him to speak and tries communicate with the figure non-verbally. Not trusting this turn of the events the figure turns to leave, but as he does so Corrin rings the bell alerting the party to the presence of the man.

The man bursts into a run at the sound of the bell, and the party takes chase after him. He is fast – faster then the party, but Fein is able to shout ahead to some guards which slow the man enough that Markson is able to catch up and deliver a fearsome tackle, pinning the man beneath him and revealing him to be their old foe Naleed.

The militiamen attempt to take custody of Naleed, but they quickly fold to the insistence from the party that the man needs to go with them. With this known Naleed tries to make a break for it, freeing himself from Marksons grip – he does not make it more then a step however before he is dog piled under the weight of the party.

They take him to the basement of Shadows hideout and question him on the mysterious “H”. He is at first reluctant to speak, but after being shown Shadows head he tongue loosens.

He tells them that “H” is obsessed with the Snake-whore of the crimson Abby and he believes that “H” went southwest of Iberia to try and locate her. He also tells them that crestview is the next target of the Blackhearts.

When his telling is complete Markson, still harboring a deep anger from Naleeds murders of the priests at Basin Lea, determines that he should test the effects of the scrying stone they found in Shadows horde.

He is forced to gaze into it, and he is turned to stone.

The body of Naleed is thrown into the sewers below the hideout, and the sounds of shattering rock tell the party that he is a threat no more.

With this complete the party had no reason to stay in Janets Landing. They packed up and headed Southwest, towards the Crimson Abby.

The party marches for a long time, the grass gives way to snow and the air develops a harsh chill.

As they trudge forward Fein notices that Corrins bag appears to be leaking. They stop to examine it and discover that the stone they took from Shadows heart is coated in acid. As they are stopped to repair Corrins bag Markson notices that the scrying stone is radiating heat.

They determine that they believe the scrying stone is acting as a guide to the crimson Abby and use its heat signature as a compass to take them there.

After another long hike, following the path laid out to them by the stone, they come across a poorly kept donkey with footsteps leading away from it. They free the donkey and follow the footsteps to a frozen lake.

As they scout the lake the are ambushed by ice zombies. At first it seems to be an easy victory, but soon they are assaulted by a second wave of undead. The battle rages fiercely for some time before Markson is able to position himself in the center of the midst and unleash a powerful turning. This turned the tide of the battle and allowed the allies to easily single out and dispatch their foes.

After catching the party continues scouting the area, and from a nearby peak they see in the distance what can only be the Crimson Abby. Crimson Abby

It takes them the rest of the day to reach the outskirts of the Abby. The approach it from the backside and see a large window 40 feet up. They try and sneak up to the window, but fail to mask their movement and are ambushed by some snake-shifting guards which were hiding nearby.

The guards are dispatched of before they can give warning and the party is able to reach the walls of the Abby. They are able to rig a rope above the window and bust in Die Hard style.

A fierce battle is fought in the sanctuary against a number of guards, a basilisk, and a Medusa. As the dust cleared the party was victorious, but their casualties were great.

Fein was lost to the stoney gaze of the Medusa, frozen solid in a tomb of granite.

Into Shade's Lair

The party, armed with information gleaned from their surviving prisoner, delves deeper into the Blackhearts’ lair.

Shortly after descending into the putrid sewers beneath Jannus Landing, the party hears what sounds like a man groaning in pain. As they turn the corner to investigate this noise, they’re attacked by a group of shadar-kai. To add insult to injury, the “injured” old man transforms into an oni and enters the fray. The oni proceeds to spit out this horrid sewage from its mouth, dazing all but Markson in the initial blast. Fein found himself blinded by one of the shadar-kai’s attacks.

Oni Shadar-Kai

In the midst of the chaos, Draya is knocked unconscious into the putrid river of sewage. The oni takes the opportunity to attempt to drain Draya’s life force by sucking it from her brain. Corrin aware of her danger, sprints across the sewage with aid of his wavestrider boots. He’s briefly hindered by an attack from under the water but quickly regains his stride. Corrin takes on the already bloodied oni and shortly after dispatches the creature. Corrin attempts to pull Draya from an otherwise undignified fate but she slips from his grasp.

With the rest of the shadar-kai destroyed, Fein and Markson run in to pull Draya from the sewage. Corrin is now in a precarious position himself, forgetting the limitation of his magical boots, falls into the sewage. It is at this moment that the party notices a giant cube of jelly trying to dissolve Draya. Corrin attempts to climb out of the sewage but is slammed against the canal wall and is taken into the cube also.

Gelatinous Cube Motivation

Draya finally manages to regain consciousness and gets free of cube’s hold, as does Corrin with a bit more effort but the cube takes him once before the rest of the party destroys the abomination. The cube dissolves into a puddle, releasing Corrin. The group takes time to tend to their cuts and bruises. They then proceed further into the sewer in search of their intended target, Shade the dragon.

The party, at last, finds Shade. To their astonished eyes, Shade is a female black dragon of adult age with a black heart-shaped gem embedded into her chest. She wastes no time, spewing her acid breath at our adventurers. She manages to hit all but Corrin, who jumps onto her back hoping for an easier strike. She effortlessly flings Corrin from her back and smacks him with her tail. He manages to keep his balance and fires off a hand crossbow shot, which unsuccessfully goes flying into the stonework above. The party continues exchanging attacks with the dark dragon. When in one brief moment, Fein manifests an unusual power from out of nowhere and projects this brilliant energy at Shade, severely damaging her.

Shade the Black Dragon

From this point, the group has no difficulty in killing Shade. Corrin takes the head and embedded gem from Shade’s massive corpse to present to the Greycloaks as proof of the Blackheart leader’s demise. Fein finds amongst the Shade’s treasure, an orb which he spies into. He quickly realizes the shape in the orb as a medusa and looks away. Fein has discovered a scrying orb probably used by Shade to spy upon uninvited guests.

Scrying Orb

To be continued…

Away to Waymeet

The Party returns where they had left for Discordia, at the entrance to the malseom of Behzin Le. They discover that they did not return empty handed, and that the masters of the temple of light had gifted them powerful artifacts. Markson received a ritual, Draya received magical chalk, Tahrathael received an everlasting torch, and Corrin received everlasting provisions. As the party prepared to leave Fein was visited by a vision of a woman and a child that he believed he recognized from another time in his life, but they vanished as quickly as they appeared.

The party decided to visit Madera to make sure the graveyard was properly supplied with guards. They were challenged at the gate by a solitary guard, but they were able to talk their way past him with no issues. The party first went to the temple of Imeriad. It was a small temple which was very well kept. It was also led by a man by the name of Thomas Mangold, who was a classmate and rival of Markson during his stay at the Vanguard of the Communion. Markson and Thomas spar verbally for a time before Markson reveals that the graveyard at Behzin Le is unguarded. Thomas promises to send a young priest by the name of Anton that Markson found to be very satisfactory. The party then visited the temple of Gladius and there they were able to recruit another less impressive but satisfactory guard.

They decided to return to Iberea to speak with the Nightingales and discovered a chasm in the bridge, but they were able to traverse it with surprising ease – their strength as a party was clearly growing. They were accosted by a bandit on the Iberian side, but it turned out to be their old friend Silky who quickly apologized for his aggression and was revealed to be in the Grey Cloaks, and organization which Corrin belonged to as well. Silky and Corrin conversed about the goings on of the world and through this the party learned many interesting facts.

They learned that they had been gone for over two months, and that Hallar the giant and been assassinated, sending the country into chaos. They learned that Ventruvius had send four generals and a battalion of troops to try and calm the area, but they too were assassinated.

They also took a look at Silkys wares and it was discovered that he had a medallion that matched Drayas. She snatched it from him and demanded to know where he found it. He informed her it was in the mess hall. He also had some unicorns for sale… He did not sell any.

The party went to the mess hall to search for any clues regarding the medallion that Draya had just found, but the mess hall was empty – picked over by scavengers. With nothing to gain there they continued on to the temple.

The approach to the temple found them greeted by a specter who bade them stop. His mouth made no motion, but he spoke all the same – he called to Helm to tell him of the visitors. After a brief conversation the specter stepped aside and allowed them to pass.

The party made the climb to the top of the temple and there they were greeted by all eight nightingales – proof that their efforts are Behzen Le were effective. Helm approached and gave them thanks for their heroics, lauding them with praise. All was not well however, for there was still danger in the realm. Helm warned them of the darkness that was encroaching upon the lands. There was an army of mages gathering in the south, and the mercenary blackhearts were gathering at Janets Landing.

The party decided first to go to Waymeet to check on Corrins family. They made the journey to its outskirts and then slowly made their way to the heart of the village. They found it abandoned. They searched the cabins of the town and came across a note from Drogo. “Have taken family to mountains. Daisy taken in Iberia. Dalia with me”

The party deferred their decision of where to go next to Corrin, as these were his Kin. He decided that their first course of action must be to make sure the family was safe. They took a must needed rest before heading out refreshed, though Draya and Fein were both quite sore from trying to fit their massive framed into hobbit beds.

They travel to the mountains and are able to locate Corrins family. Hugs and greetings are exchanged before Corrin and Drogo step aside for serious conversion. They discuss the state of waymeet and the dangers to the south. Drogo tells Corrin that the grey cloaks have a spy in the blackhearts and that they know their location in Janets Landing – beneath a store named Georges shoppe of curiosities.

The party makes it way though Iberia and began its way down the wall which leads to Janets Landing. When nearing the town they find themselves encased in a magical black fog. They pressed though it but found themselves ambushed! The foe struck quickly and then disappeared into the fog, but the party was able to take him down thanks to some crafty tactics from Fein and Draya.

Markson raises the spirit of their downed foe and the Party is able to learn that the blackhearts are communicating with the leader of the mage army with a contact in the sewers.

The party continues on to the shop containing the blackhearts hideout and Corrin is able to sneak down and scout using his hat of disguise. The party follows him down and dispatches of the foes they find, taking one prisoner.

The prisoner is convinced to talk though aggressive measures, and he tells them that Shade is the leader of the mage army, and that he is a dragon. He also warns them that there are gelatinous cubes, ogres, and shadar kai to be found in the sewers.

They also discover a mysterious letter from “H” expressing gratitude to the black

Down and Out in Discordia - 11-4-09

Deep in the tombs of Behzin Lea, the party decides they must find replacement clerics to keep the cemetary and the tombs of the Nightengales secure. In addition, Markson wants to report back to Helm Levon in Iberia and check on the Moguls.

As the party attempts to leave, however, there path is blocked by a humanoid-shape statue composed of clay shards. The statue doesn’t move. The party surrounds it. Tahrathiel speaks to it in primordial tongue.


Even little love taps with swords result in no movement by the clay figure.

Markson steps around the being to take a look outside and the statue comes to life. It attacks Feign with black energy and knocked him down the stairs out of sight. Melee ensues.

Black energy pulsates from the creature. Building in force. The creature explodes.

Tahrathiel notices that Fein is unconscious. He touches him trying to wake him and is encompassed in black energy. Markson attempts healing magic on Tahrathiel and he brings the wrath of the dark energy on himself.

Feign wakes up still covered in dark energy. The party is shocked to hear a large rumbling sound from outside. Feign begins puking big balls of black ooze. Tahrathiel attacks a ball of ooze, and it tossed up the stairs by a radiant force and is badly injured.

Feign seems a little better now and tells the party about Discordia and how the party must go to this hellish plane to save Markson and himself. A portal with shadowy figures now appears in place of the clay figure. Fein speaks quickly…he is weakening again. “Discordia, very dangerous…nothing is as it seems…no more than six words in ten seconds. You will be sent a guide. He will…” Fein collapses. “Hurry”.

Party enters portal and arrives in Discordia. The land in some kind of hedge garden. In the bushes the find the remains of a vest with gold symbol nobody recognizes. The party is also not alone. A dark figure introduces himself as Blackie Udo, a wizard given the task of guiding the party through Discordia to the Citadel of Light—the only place of good in Discordia.


The Citadel of Light appears as a beacon on the horizon in all directions in Discordia.

There are three directions leading out of the garden each with a symbol. Blackie leads the party out of the garden in the direction of the symbol that looked like a hamburger.

A short way into the journey the party encounters a pit. Tahrathiel claims to see some movement in the pit, but the party continues on. Shortly after, Corrin starts seeing visions of masterly crafted short swords. The comeliness of such weapons has no pull over the strong-willed hobbit.

Finally, the party encounters three bound figures. One in the image of Corrin’s fiance Dahlia. Another in the image of Markson’s mentor Markus. And the last, the image of Draya’s slain brother Brazhel. Corrin goes to his love and embraced her. Everyone else in the party are greeted with the sight of Corrin hugging some demonic looking thing. Draya, in turn, touches her brother. Everyone else sees him as enormous cube of Jello. The sight of such things really bothers the party. Blackie indicates that there is no way they can bring these evil beings to the Citadel. It is decided they will leave these prisoners bound as they were found. Dahlia is screaming and crying about Corrin’s decision. And Markus will have nothing to do with this plan and disarms Markson (rather easily). After much soul searching (and really not being able to come up with any other plan), the party agrees to take the “prisoners” up to the gate of the Citadel, but not within.

Blackie leads the party on into what feels like an earthquake. Loud rumbling. Blackie assures the party that is must be the Brotherhood from the Citadel hurrying to their rescue. Blackie by now is proving to be quite the fool. The earth is torn apart, and the party is surrounded by a search party mounted on huge bulettes. They are seeking a party of five (with the ‘prisoners’ we are now eight). They ask if we had seen a party of five. Corrin begins to speak but has several hand place over his mouth before he can continue. Markson lies “we have not”. The bullettes continue on and the party follows slowly in their path.

Blackie begins to feel uncomfortable. And several in the party find there backpacks dripping black ooze. Three blacks ball of ooze similar to Fein’s puke are found. Markson reaches inside his ball of ooze, and finds what looks like a birdcage. Markson peers into a slot in the cage and sees that it is hold a mini-Beholder. And whatever is going on in this little bird cage is making Markson feel ‘real good.’

The party continues on an approaches a bridge-like structure over a river of muck. The bridge only spans half way across the river, but each bank has a large crank. The party splits in half, cranking one half across (you get the picture). The mechanism creates loud grinding noises. As the last half makes it across the noise gets worse, and all hell seems to break loose…and…a Colossus appear in the place of the bridge! He’s scrolled in glowing runes which basically tip the party to get a move on it quick.


Markson, Tahrathiel, and Blackie crest a hill on the other side of the river first. Blackie sees nothing but a pond, because he is an idiot. Markson sees lizard like humanoids wielding tridents. Unfortunately in relay this info he uses more than six words, and an ominous wind picks up.

Markson blesses the party and they descend to the pond where the lizard folk await. Many in the party hold back their actions to see what the lizard things do first. Blackie casts sleep on all four of them. All of them looked effected. The party attempt to run by, but only two of the lizards actually fall unconsciuos. Melee ensues. The lizard folk are dispatched quickly but the melee summoned a large salamander and a whole new set of lizard baddies. They most go for Corrin weak and unarmed fiance, all 3 Sahuagin land spear spots on her.


Eventually they are slain too.

The party continues on. And they arrive near the Citadel…but there appears to be two of them! Blackie notices a bracelet on his wrist with Draconic script. Draya deciphers the figures, but it’s all jumbled. Markson breaks the code of the jumbled script. It’s a riddle. It is determined that the three balls of gooze are beneficial. The other to balls are explored. One has a divining rod. The other a sundial. But the party can’t figure out what to do with these items.

The party decides to head in the direction of the Citadel that requires passage through the Fields of the Stone Angels. Markson holds his mini-Beholder above his head as the party passed through the field.

As the party approaches the Citadel. More that six words are muttered again. A huge blue dragon glides down towards the adventurers.

Blue Dragon

In the other direction, three heroic men run through the air on stone magically appearing in front of them with each step. A dome appears over the party, and as the dragon penetrates the dome in shrinks to a more manageable size. The three men slay the dragon.

The three men escort the party to the Citadel, and welcome the ‘prisoners’ as well. The party is informed about Fein’s struggle leaving behind his dark, Discordian ways by an individual that looks exactly like Blackie. Following this explanation, the two Blackies are melded together by a ritual. The party and prisoners are offered the change to be teleported back to their “home” plane. Prisoners jump at the chance. Followed by the party, though Tahrathiel stays behind to study at the Citadel hoping to find some answers to his past.

See That My Grave is Kept Clean - 10/24/09

We find our adventuring group and Warden Olvi awaiting the reinstating Shana. While waiting the said trial at the Harp and Thistle, our group is approached by Gloomy Thistle himself. He wants the group out of his inn because they want to bring that “crazy” one, Shana, back. He tells them that it is not only he who feels this way, but also an angry gnome mob that is waiting for them outside.

The group goes outside to see these little people who evidently have a lot to say such as “Don’t Bring the Bitch Back!!!” Markson then addresses the group and tells them that it is already done.

They hear an angry protester in the crowd shout “We’ll take care of Olvi.” Fein reacts as only Fein can and walks into the crowd. The group of gnomes part to expose a small gnome, by the name of Runnels, cowering as he see Fein approaching.

Fein and Runnels “share” a moment and discuss Runnels feelings about Warden Olvi.


He thinks that Olvi needs to be replaced if she continues to bring back people like Shana.

Just to be sure Olvi is alright, Markson checks in on her. She tells him there is a lot of “strife” in town about Shana coming back and that she and the part she hired are all to blame. She feels it is best if the party leaves town and pays them their due—25g.

It is agreed that the party does not want to leave, but they do think they should “lay low” for awhile. It is decided that they will camp out in the woods on the edge of town. Olvi agrees to send Gerard to let them know when Shana has returned.

Our fearless five venture out into the woods and set up camp awaiting Gerard. Night comes and goes without anything out of the ordinary. About midday, the next day, Gerard comes to tell the party that Shana is ready to see them. They pack up and go see Shana.

Louie takes the party over to the Crazy Cat lady’s lair. As our party makes their way through Shana’s death maze of tricks, with no problems, they arrive at her door step to a closed door. Shana’s door has always been open every time they have ventured here to see her. Fein, being the fearless Dragonborn that he is, opens the door. He finds Shana safe inside. She is very grateful to the party for getting her reinstated.

Shana shows her gratitude to the members of the party by giving them gifts:

Corrin receives a duelish short sword Markson receives the Cape of Mountbac Fein receives Holy gauntlets, which he gives to Markson. Draya receives the Amulet of False Life Tarathiel receives a Bloodstone Spider

Shana then shows the party the teleportation device etched into her table. She is unsure as to where they will be teleported, but wishes them well. Before they depart they ask her not practice and preach about evolution. She tells them she will not.

Fein is the first to step onto the teleportation table. He disappears in front or the party’s eyes and lands on a spiral staircase which her precedes to roll down.


Next to be teleported is Markson. He vanishes and appears in shine deep water. He sees torches on the wall which is reminiscent of the Iberia sewer. He looks down the sewer and sees a body lying face down in pink tinged water, covered with rats. He approaches the dead body as rats scatter about. He rolls it over to see that is a human.

Corrin is teleported to shine high water as well about 50ft. ahead of Markson. He sees Markson and then looks down at his feet to see a dead dark-skinned human in the water.

Dray lands in water with a rather loud splash. Where she lands, she can see Markson and Corrin on either side of her. They are both looking down at the water. She walks over to each of them to see what is so interesting in the water and their feet and waist.

Meanwhile, Fein regains his composure and begins to ascend up the stairs. As he is walking up, he feels and hears a “thunderous” sound. At the same time, Markson, Draya, and Corrin feel the same thunderous sound as it shakes the water.

Fein reaches the top of the stairs and enters a dome chamber. The chamber has a large slab in the middle with what looks like a giant sleeping on it. The giant is garbed in blue/silver robes which are the markings of Leucid.

Fein, who is always looking to get into it, calls out to the sleeping giant. A ghost-like creature stands up on the other side of Fein and “shhhsh’s” him. The figure also tells Fein to leave. Fein refuses to leave.

The ghost-like figure floats over to Fein and asks him if he was one of the ones left behind. Fein asks the figure is name. He tells his name is Hel Lavon and he is one of the Nightengales who defends Leucid’s slumber.


He also tells Fein that he is the only one who remains to protect the slumber. Fein asks if that is Leucid. Helm nods “yes.”

Markson, Corrin, and Dray continue to look for their Dragonborn compadre. They figure that the human closest to Markson was killed recently, a day or so ago. It’s limbs were chewed by something larger than the common rats that were enjoying him. The other corpse, the dark-skinned human that Corrin found, has been dead for about three or four days.

As Markson, Corrin, and Dray head upstream to look for Fein they encounter a group of Dire Rats. They easily defeat the filthy creatures as Markson shows some skills with his weapon.

Up in the chamber, Fein and Helm discuss how bad Iberia has become. Helm tells Fein that many of the Nightengales have had their power “dimmed” and lost their unlife. He tells him how men came through the sewers.

He also tells him of the Nightengale’s graves being desicrated (remember the number 369)

He tells of how things are happening like they did before when Maderia and Iberia were at odds. He sent forces to Dinelin to contact Vitruvious in Gamal so he could send help. But no help has come.

Helm was able to keep some of his power to protect Leucid’s slumber against a Mage army that came through Iberia. He tells Fein of the evil that is loose out in the streets of Iberia. It is no longer safe.

As Markson, Corrin, and Dray make their way through the sewer, they can’t help but notice that it is littered with dead humans. They finally find a ladder and send Corrin up to see what is going on at street-level. As Corrin lifts the cover to the street, he sees there is a heavy for covering most of the streets. But he manages to see many dead bodies on the ground and “something” seems to be feeding on the dead humans. Corrin climbs back down and tells Draya and Markson what he hass seen.

Our three brave adventures decide to make a run for the church across the street. They climb to the street-level and make their way to the church. They see the “things” Corrin had seen feeding on the dead bodies in the streets.

As they get closer to the church, they see the symbol of Leucid on the door glowing. Markson touches the symbol on the door and hears a voice that says “go up.” The three look up to see a blue glow coming from the top of the church dome.

Markson, Corrin, and Draya walk up the stairs to the dome. They are happy to see Fein, but wonder who he is talking to. The three of them look into the chamber and immediately bow to their God. Helm tells them how happy he is to see them.

He continues to tell Fein and the rest of the party about the slaying of the Nightengales and how their graves have been desicrated. He tells them that the graves need to be “cleansed”.

He also tells them that the graves can be found somewhere in Bezhin Lea. There is a cemetery there for the fallen. There is a cleric there who watches over the graves.

Helm also tells them that the bridge between Iberia and Maderia has been damaged in a defensive tactic. He, therefore, hands them a pair of boots to help them get across the damaged bridge.

Markson asks of other destruction to the lands. Moguls has taken a great amount of damage. Markson tells of his vision of Corrin’s village and that he was coming to warn the Nightengales of this. He thought they would be able to prevent this.

As our party readies themselves to make way to Basin Lea, Helm warns them that the streets are not safe. The “creatures” below are very devious and dangerous.

Our “fearless five” head out of the church and onto the streets. They notice the feasting creatures but just keep walking. Some of these creatures take notice of the party and begin making preparations for a feast and start following. Fuck…ghouls!

The ghouls attack, but are defeated quickly and our party moves on. The party continues on, they notice to the east that more ghouls are feeding on the dead. The party decides it is wiser just to continue with the task at hand and move forward towards Maderia and Basin Lea.

As the party reaches the gate of Iberia, they see no light in the guard tower. They continue on the bridge and come to a chasm about 20 feet across.

Fein puts on the boots given to them by Helm. In his first attempt to jump the chasm, he comes up a little short. Markson and Draya pull him back up to the edge of the bridge. In is second attempt, Fein makes it across.

Markson is the next to jump across and makes it with no problem. Corrin does a very sly little acrobatic tight rope walk across the chasm as Dray and Markson hold each end of the rope. Draya is the final one to jump the chasm, which she clears.

The party packs away their rope and continues down the bridge. Up ahead of them they see two guard-like figures standing with halbrids. The two guards are shouting “halt” to the approaching party.

Fein, of course, continues his limit testing and tries to pass through the two guards while Markson succeeds to disarm on of the guards. The other guard just looks on and lets the group pass.

The group passes through Maderia and then come across two guards who look their way. The two guards are talking lowly and then run off.

Corrin leads the party out of town, but not before Fein strikes up a conversation with a guard about Basin Lea. The party heads out of town in the direction of Basin Lea. In the distance, the party sees a dome structure and markers.


As the party investigates, Corrin comes across the number “369” engraved into many of the markers in the cemetery. They also notice the numbers are engraved on the stone doors of the dome. There is no sign of the cleric who is to be guarding the dome.

As they walk around the graveyard, there is no presence of the Nightengales sensed. They find Helm’s grave behind the dome and it has not been harmed.

As they investigate the cemetery, they notice a small adobe like building. They open the doors and see scar marks, like a chair being dragged across it and blood on the floor. They figure the blood to be about three days old.

With nothing found in the graveyard, they decide to check out the dome. Draya pushes the large stone doors open and they see light coming from down the stairs. They head down the stairs and see a chamber with six fresh bodies hanging on a rope. Fein cuts one down and then the party hears thunderous footsteps coming towards the chamber from one of the halls leading off it.

A giant zombie enters the chamber, just as Draya notices a swarm of beetles scurrying down the walls. Another giant zombie enters from another hall. They party manages to kill the beetle swarm and start to work on the zombie twins.

Corrin, being the sly little fella that he is, knocks zombie one on his ass. Zombie two gets into it with Draya and she bloodies his ugly ass. As the party is conquering the zombies, an Oni enters the dome, and joins in on the battle, with the breath of the dead.

The party kills the zombie brothers and then concentrate on ridding themselves of the Oni. Draya immobilizes the Oni, but then he gets his revenge by knocking her back. The party then attacks and defeats the Oni.

The party goes in the direction the Oni came from and they see steps. They take the steps down and see wall slots full of bodies. The stairs curve around to a chamber containing crypts. The crypts are bloody and then Nalyd appears from behind one of the crypts. Nalyd smiles at the party and attacks, then he disappears.

Markson, Fein, and Dray feel an awesome “jolt” from behind them—a lightening bolt zaps them. The Nalyd reappears and the group attacks him. They finally reign him under control and Markson strips him out of his cloak and wipes the three bloody crypts with it.

Once wiped, the three crypts appear to have the symbol of Leucid on them. The party searches and finds the other Nightengale crypts and they cleanse them.

Adventure Log 10/10/09

A Political World

The party was summoned to the mansion of Warden Olvi after their defeat of the doppelganger that had been terrorizing the town. Olvi offered the party her thanks and gratitude, and then began to question them about any possible motives the doppelganger may have had or who had sent it. The party had not bothered to question the doppelganger after its defeat, as its head was several yards separate from its body and most likely did not feel like talking. Olvi then questioned them if it was still their desire to have the council vote on reinstating Shayna the wizard to the college, the party replied that the did. With this decided, the group retired to the inn for the evening.

The following morning the party decided that it would be wise for them to begin preparing for the trial. Markson, Tarahthiel, and Corrin went to the college library to found any works of Shayna which could be presented to prove the value of her skills, and Fein and Draya went to pay a visit to Cely who was a voting member of the council.

Markson, Tarahthiel, and Corrin discovered that the section on arcane arts had been stripped bare and that there were no texts by Shayna available for public consumption. They quizzed the librarian about this anomaly and she referred them to the University president, a man by the name of Renoux. Tarahthiel and Corrin tracked down Reneau and they spoke with him about Shayna. They learned that Reneau has a dislike of Shayna and her theories of the goblnomish evolutionary path. Reneau did prove helpful however, for he kept a set of Shaynas writings and presented them to Tarahthiel and Corrin.

While this was happening Draya and Fein tracked down Cely, and through rather direct questioning they learned that he had already been given 200 gold to vote against the reinstating of Shayna, but that his mind could be changed for 300. Fein and Draya used their own special brand of diplomacy and were able to renegotiate a more acceptable 250 for this vote.

Meanwhile, Markson had left Tarahthiel and Corrin after visiting the library to visit the docks and hire a boat to Shaynas island. During the trip to the island Markson learned that the dockmaster, Gonzallo, always voted the same as Warden Olvi. Markson made an effort to try and steer the man towards voting on his own conscience , but the dockmaster appeared to be happily set in his ways.

Markson arrived at Shayna’s with no complications and he requested that she draft a letter of recommendation for herself which they could present at council. While writing the letter she informed him casually that a professor named Moran was a good resource on how the council operates.


Fein and Draya continued their lobbying of the trades guilds with a visit to the head of the blacksmiths guild, Vijay Shanks. They probed to see if he was leaning towards voting a certain way and if there were any favors they could do him which may help convince him of Shaynas value at the school. He presented a front of being fair and free of corruption, but as Fein and Draya were leaving he called them back and let them know about an incriminating note which claimed his daughter Justice was sleeping around with the professors at the college. He let them know that if they were able to determine the validity of the claims in the note and/or track down the author of the note his mind may be ‘extra’ open.

Fein then left for Shaynas to see if she could help decipher the author of the note and Draya joined up with Markson as they set out to find professor Moran. Markson and Draya find professor Morian and learned that the council votes on a simple majority and they also learned the names of all the voting members.

Markson and Draya joined up with Tarahthiel and they headed towards the Thirsty Zombie where they had heard that some of the council members may patron. Along the way Draya heard footsteps behind them. Tarahthiel bravely lept into a bush and hid while Markson and Draya charged down the source of the footsteps. Markson caught up with the culprit in short order with Draya close on his heels. They found that it was a young and terrified young boy that Warden Olvi had paid to spy on them. Markson gave the boy a silver to keep quiet, and Draya hoisted him up and literally scared the piss out of him to extenuate the point.

While this was going on Corrin was off on his own following Justice, and Fein was completing his mission to talk to Shayna. Corrin tracked Justice successfully to the school library, which she oddly had a key to; and Fein questioned Shayna about the origin of the extortion letter which she provided a few clues to.

Tarahthiel, Draya, and Markson gained entry to the Thirsty Zombie, a high-end establishment, with some smooth talking on the part of Draya and a few gold coins passed into the hands of the doorman. In the bar they found Charles Sexton and attempted to lobby his vote with very minimal success. They did learn that he was strongly adverse to Shaynas evolutionary theroies as well and he advised them not to mention anything about them at the trial.

Corrin waited by the library until he saw another person enter and he followed them in. He found Justice speaking very slutfully with an elder gnome that was not known to him. They did not engage in any vigorous coitus there in the library, but they made tentative plans to scrump nasty the next night

At this time the town finally sunk into an uncomfortable sleep and the party re-grouped at the inn and joined the slumber.

The next morning began with Corrin and Markson making a quick visit to professor Moran under the pretense of thanking him for his information from the day before. Markson believed that Corrin’s description of the elder gnome sounded like it could be him, and Corrin was able to confirm this suspicion.

Fein had found a note left for him when he awoke. It read “If you need help with your numbers, come see me at the Craven Raven – A”. Fein, Markson, Draya, and Tarahthiel all went to the Craven Raven to confront the author, and they learned it was none other then the infamous Avonthemon. Avonthemon offered the party a number of votes in exchange for a favor. The party questioned him aggressively about the bandits under his employ that had attacked the party, and Fein needed to be restrained from killing the man physically at one point, but in the end his offer was simply too appealing to be passed up and the party agreed to secure an incoming shipment in exchange for the votes.

Markson stuck with Fein, worried that he may return to harm Avonthemon, but his concern was ill-placed. The two of them did track down one of the council members and they lobbied him a bit, but they did not make much headway.

Meanwhile, Corrin and Draya paid a visit to the blacksmith and confirmed for him that his daughter was whoring herself out for grades. He was very upset about this, and pleaded with the two to look further into who had written the blackmail letter.

They deduced that Cely was a likely culprit with the assistance of hints Fein had provided the night before. They approached him and attempted to get a handwriting sample to match it against the blackmail letter. They first tried to have Cely write them a receipt for the vote the bought the day before (Really guys? Really?), which Cely very understandably refused.

Corrin's Gambit

Corrin then tried to sneak into Celys office to get a handwriting sample, but he failed and Cely stopped him before he could enter. Finally they confronted him directly with the letter. He denied culpability, but his denial was a transparent lie and the two knew they had their blackmailer. They presented this information to the blacksmith and he promised them his vote.

The team assembled at the docks to protect the shipment as requested by Avonthemon. Corrin blended in with the dockworkers while Fein and Tarahthiel made their presence known by the docks. Draya and Markson watched close by from the shadows of a building. As the raft containing the shipment pulled in a large group of gnomes dropped down from the roof of a building and attacked the party. They proved to be little threat however and the team killed or captured them all without much difficulty. They made sure the crates were successfully offloaded from the raft and delivered to their destination and then left to make their final preparations for the council meeting.

The meeting nearly ended before it began however, for as the party was approaching the town hall Fein was assaulted by a familiar and unwelcome face. Zerriksa had pelted him squarely in the face with a rotten tomato and he flew into a rage.

Xerira nearly being thrown off a bridge by Fein

Tarahthiel and Draya were barely able to restrain him long enough for Markson and Corrin to talk him out of throwing her off a bridge.

With that out of the way the party found itself appealing Shaynas reinstatement into the college. Fein reminded the council of our history with Shayna and how she has helped the town. Markson made a case for the economic advantages of having trained magicians in the town. Corrin spoke of Shaynas character and made an appeal to logic. Tarahthiel spoke of his lives as a Deva and how his origins were rightly questioned by gnomes and how they should extend that attitude towards themselves. Draya made angry faces at people who did not look like they were going to vote the way we wanted them to.

The party was successful, and Shayna was voted back into the school by a 7 to 6 vote.

Shayna Reinstated

Adventure Log - 09/26/09

So far, the adventurer have worked for the Nightengales, fought evil wizards, infiltrated a drow undercity, fell through a portal to another world, and lauched a rescue of the townspeople and objects of Brandon…

The Fake

09/26/09 The adventures having finally found all the prisoners and lost items, started there journey back to Brandon. They used a map left to them to find an alternative and easy way back to town from the castle. The map was marked with Xs to show the location of trouble. This didn’t stop the adventure from running into some rabble though.

Encountering a 1300ft (avg. width of the Mississippi River) long bridge, the group decided to send Corrin across first to scout ahead.

Rope Bridge

A band of ruffians jumped out from behind some rocks and attacked Corrin. The rest of the team soon followed to battle on the bridge with Corrin. The ruffians were quick dispatched, some killed, some ran.

The players made their way back to town and the office of Warden Olvi. They were handsomely rewarded for there efforts. Also, the brought a note from someone named the Emissary that seemed to indicate some threat from this world, entered in a pact with a treat from the world Markson, Corrin, and Draya hail from. This note troubled Warden Olvi a great deal. The note mentioned plans to attack Brandon and that Warden Olvi is weakening.

Also, Warden Olvi pulled Markson aside to speak with him privately about one of the new adventurers in his party. She had concerns about Fein she felt that there was something familiar about him. Markson defended Fein, stating that his actions were beneficial, but he knows nothing of and could not vouch for Fein’s past.

The adventurers left Warden Olvi’s offices and spent the day buying gear to re-equip themselves better for the future, with the money they received from the completion of their quest.

That evening, the adventurers retired to the Harp and Thistle tavern. Markson and Draya drank, Fein showed locals up at darts, and Corrin met a young gnome, named Ramona. She was a student at the local college who was waiting on her boyfriend to meet her here tonight (The adventurers find out that her boyfriend worked in the service of Avonthemen and happened to be one of the ruffians that jumped them at the bridge earlier that day. The adventurers never mention to her, that her boyfriend would never meet her again, since they had killed him earlier that day…). The women looked very similar to Dahlia, the halfling that Corrin is engaged to. The team called it an evening and rested for the night.

During the night, Markson had a vision sent to him by his god Imperiad. The vision was of Corrin’s fiancee, running from a town with smoke in the background. Markson belive this vision is a message telling him to return home soon.

The next morning, Fein waited for Markson outside his door. He questioned him about his private meeting with Warden Olvi. Corrin woke up and listened too as the discussion lead from Fein to Markson’s recent vision. Afterwards, they returned to Warden Olvi’s office to discuss possible of leave Brandon and returening to their home world. Olvi was stubborn about letting them leave. Supposedly, the town of Brandon was protecting and can grant access to “The Gate”; which on the other side there was a portal that might transport the adventurers back to their homeworld. But, Warden Olvi wanted them to finish cleaning up the troubles of her town, before she would allow them passage through “The Gate”.

Markson was adamant about leaving, Corrin was torn between staying and going, and Fein was up for smite evil where he goes. (Fein’s bloodlust starts to become noticable again.). Despite Warden Olvi’s best efforts to keep the adventurer at hand, they seemed resolute on leaving. Warden Olvi mentioned that as an alternative they may seek the banished old wizard Shana, who might know of a way to send them home.

The team set off to the home of Shana via the river. She makes her home on an island on the river. Her house is completely surrounded by a deadly hedge maze, which was successfully navigated by the team, after Markson made a map of it, by observing it from above in a high tree (he earned a Benny). The old wizard and her cat greeted the adventurers warmly. She realized that they were not from her world.

Shana agreed to help the team return to their home, if they could get her reinstated at the college in Brandon. She was ousted after teaching ideas about the evolution of gnomes from goblins. She believes she can find a method of returning the team, given a week of time to research the rituals needed. The group agreed to find a way to get her old job back and headed back up the river to Brandon to speak with Warden Olvi.

Upon arrival at the warden’s office the adventures found that a serious meeting was taking place. Corrin snuck around and listened in on the conversation. The warden and guards were investigating a murder that happened the night before. The team was asked into the office to help solve the crime. The person that was murder was Ramona, the gnome Corrin had briefly spoken with two days prior. The adventurer agreed to help, but only on the condition that Warden Olvi would reinstate the wizard Shana to her teaching position. Warden Olvi would only agree to convene the town council, to vote upon the issue. The party grudgingly accepted the offer.

The party started their investigation. Ramona was murdered in her college dorm room. Her body laid on the bed, gut torn out, apparently bitten out. She had note and a journal entry about meeting with a person known as “The Fake.” Fein and Draya sought out the Ramona next door neighbor Roxy, who said that “The Fake” could be referring to the faculty member professor Fakelman. Meanwhile Markson and Corrin sought the guard assigned to the case, named Three. Talking to Three proved worthless and useless, because he was as dumb as he was lazy.

The dragonborns hunted the professor, finding him at work in his greenhouse. They escorted Fakelman and Roxy back to the crime scene. Roxy promptly emptied her guts upon seeing the body and excused herself to the hallway to finish barfing. Fein had Draya go into the hallway to console Roxy, shutting the door to Ramona’s room behind her. Fein used his special brand of “enhanced interrogation techniques” upon the profession. Markson and Corrin returned to the crime scene. Corrin hearing noises from the room opened the door to view Fakelman, the gnome, stripped naked and Fein holding his arcane blade at the professor. Corrin inquired what was happening and Fein informed him the need to strip search the subject to ensure no cuts, bruises, or blood was on his personage, since he was the last known person to meet with the deceased. Corrin agreed and search Fakelman’s clothes, nothing important was found.

After considering the evidence gathered so far the adventurers decided the best course of action was to enlist the help of the wizard Shana, and have her conduct a Speak with Dead ritual. Fein wrap the body in a bed sheet, later transferred to a gurney made by Markson, to transport Ramona’s corpse to the wizard’s house. The group also brought professor Fakelman and the student Roxy as well.

The wizard Shana examined the body and believed the bites were from a shape-shifting creature known as a Doppelganger. Shana performed ritual and allowing the team to question the departed. From the answers given, Ramona acquitted the professor of the crime and confirmed that a creature killed her, just after midnight, matching a Doppelganger, as her real killer.


Shana and Fakelman remembered that this had happened before, about 20 years ago; five murders, each occurring on the victims’ twenty birthday. The cases were never solved, but seemed to be the work of the same creature. Also later, Warden Olvi suggested she believed this creature may be in the service of Avonthemen.

The team wasted no time with the information, returning at once to warn the town of Brandon. They informed Warden Olvi and had her spread the news all over town. The adventurer’s had all the people who were about to turn 20 stay locked together in a gymnasium for their safety. The team fixed the gym so that it had only one useable point of entry, and they stood guard there.

That night, just after midnight, “Warden Olvi” approached. Markson managed to catch her in a lie, and realized that she was actually the Doppelganger in Warden Olvi’s form. The team opened the door and overwhelmed the imposter to bloody ends…


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