Discordia was created by an evil being/god of the Abyss (Chaotic Evil).

Lord of Discordia

His real name is unknown, he is known simply as the Lord of Discordia. He is an absentee landlord, currently his where-abouts are unknown, although can be speculated on.

The problem for Evil is that Good just can’t be destroyed completely. So, the Abyssal god(s) labored to create a realm near the Abyss that could work as a prison for all that is Good, Discordia is that realm.


I mentioned before in the world that Hood DeLind (Ivan Salavary) is originally from, was being threatened by a Cthulhu-like God. This god, whom Hood will one day return to his world to destroy, is an agent of the Lord of Discordia. His job, and other like him, is to devour worlds.

Hood DeLind in Discordia

When a world is destroyed, it’s essence becomes part of Discordia. Each of the lands of Discordia is really the boiled down and distilled essence of a world that was destroyed. The process crushes, folds, and twists the world in various ways. What used to be a whole planet maybe a condensed down to valley, a farm house, or maybe just an object like a clock. Evil is the primary force of nature in Discordia. Everything that is good is horribly corrupted in some fashion, yet good still exists. The cohesive fabric that holds Discordia from falling into the Abyss is the power of Good. While distorted, Good is necessary for the plane to continue to exist, so close to the pit. That’s the point of Discordia, the resistance of good to submit to the pit (using almost all of it energy), allows the Abyss to influence & shape the realm as it like. Good can not escape, nor can it be dragged into the pit, it can only hold it’s place, nearly powerless to stop the Abyss for mutilating it.

But, the cohesive property of good, sometimes allow it’s essence to collect in places. It pools and can create small zone of safe passage, beings, heroes, or avatars of “dead” gods, lost by the destruct of a world. They are few and far between though, grotesque in form, and all are subject to rules and the rules change depending where you are in Discordia. Creatures can’t travel outside the lands that you find them in, they are bound to it, doom to repeat the same actions forever. Most don’t have any understanding of the world outside there zone, nor would cross-over to a different land if they could.

The effects vary widely:

  • A golden corn field of living carnivores plants.
  • A Castle which it’s corridors lead to different ends of Discordia.
  • A village, of Undead, working as if their world never moved on.
  • A desert seeming bent and unending, devoid of all life, yet would allow a traveler passage without sustenance…but nearly impassable due to unseen assailants.


Passage between zones (former world) can be hazardous and misleading. A mountaintop in the distance may not exist as you approach it. Before you know it you’ve entered another zone, (which could be underwater).

Knowledge of the worlds they are original from is nearly unheard of….Except for at the Citadel of Light:

The Citadel of Light

The Citadel of Light is the largest pooling of Good in Discordia. It is viewable from most of Discordia; it appears as faint glow at the horizon. Note: seeing it is a trick, it is not actually visible; merely the impression of it is visible… It is a beacon that can be used for guidance by the forces of Good. It stands as a golden bulwark of light against the Dark Forces that surround it. It is impenetrable from Evil.

The Citadel of Light

It is used by the forces of Good as the stronghold and a passageway to move between worlds. It is entirely hosted by off-world beings, working in the service of Good. At its center is a column light, a swirling mass of Essence Entities. These entities are a wealth of knowledge, power, and inspiration for the forces of Good.

Also, the Citadel of Light is used as a prison for Evil beings from other worlds. Fein, found his “home” there when a company of heroes, lead by Hood DeLind were sent from the Citadel out across Discordia to capture him.

Fein  Imprisoned

Discordia, in different parts, has “holes” in it, some small and are huge. From these holes, the Abyss is viewable (actually viewable). Being so close to the pit, many of the forces of evil travel (at great peril) to Discordia to commune with the Abyss (most don’t make it; Discordia is just as dangerous to Evil beings as it is to Good ones). The Abyss may give tasks, pass orders, or convey knowledge. Fein was learning arcane secret from the pit at the time of his capture.

Note: If you die in Discordia, you become part of Discordia.

Note: The holes in Discordia, which the pit is viewable, are very very dangerous. Sometimes it is like looking into a glass house from outside. Sometimes it is a gaping pit, which you could fall into the Abyss (bad idea).

Note: Most travelers, who visit Discordia, die. Travelers really need a good reason to be there.

Destruction of Discordia:

Discordia will not go on forever, although so far it seems it has. At the Citadel of Light the Essence Entities predicted that one day the Lord of Discordia will return, and the “The Offworlder” (kinda silly since everyone at Citadel of Light is an off-worlder…) will meet him in battle. The death of the Lord of Discordia will destroy Discordia, returning the worlds to there rightful places in existence.


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