Fein the Iron Mage

Fein the Iron Mage

He is a redemption character. He is a former evil guy, turned good (neutral). Known as Fein the Iron Mage, formerly known as: Fafnir Darkfire, Sigurd the Black, and other names… His real name is Sigurd Fein *in Common and *Fafnir in Draconic.

He is a Dragonborn of immense physical strength and strength of will. He looks hard and grimaces a lot. Purplish scales, golden eyes that seem to burning with radiant fire. He is much older then a normal dragonborn, the years shows on his body, but not in actions. He has long grey hair and a white beard. He is a grizzled veteran, hard boiled with a 1000 yard stare – Yet, can carry himself in a regal manner, if the mood strikes him. Mean, Defiant, Unlawful. – Yet, compelled to do Good and help others in need.=> Antihero-hero. He is well verse in dark magic and occult practices.

For years he worked with the dark powers of the world – carrying out their will (to bloody ends for many poor inhabitants throughout the lands he traveled). He has seen it all. Been tortured and has tortured many. Later, he was tricked, tortured and made to see the error of his ways over the coarse of 100 years. Much of his original powers are gone or diminished in scale, but through his new life’s work he is beginning to regain much of his former strength.

Fein at The Height of His Power

His is end-goals are selfish, yet he deeds are altruistic. He wants to be as powerful or more power than he used to be. He lost all that was important to him, when his forces were beaten and his powers stripped from him. He is a Cosmic/Elemental Mage at heart that enjoy harnessing/channeling the elemental power of the universe. As a cleric, he worshiped all the elemental/cosmic gods/forces malevolently. He was a heretic, bent on merciless destruction.(not so anymore)

Fein’s “100 years in chains” is spent in another plane/realm know as Discordia, a netherworld between existence and nothingness. The time he spent in Discordia occurs outside of normal time. So, time pasts there “differently”, I mean that depending on where in Discordia you are, the time relative to Perchance to Dream (Game setting), could be passing quicker, slower, stopped, or moving backwards, depending on someone’s location in Discordia.

Fein Imprisoned

Fein and Hood DeLind, known as Ivan Salavary, in this world, had met before. In fact, the person I envisioned helped capture/cage Fein in the land of Discordia, was Hood DeLind. And when Hood DeLind was present at the introduction/freeing of Fein, I imagine Fein had just arrived in the world, teleported into the castle the party met him in. With Hood/Ivan there, coming full-circle in Fein capture and release; now set free to make his choices for good or ill.

Fein has got to negotiate his inter-conflict; the need to do good and at the same time he feels the compulsions toward evil. He is severely tempted all the time. Every time he gains a level, by doing good, the gain of power tempts him towards evil.

He is most satisfied/pacified when he is in battle against evil, because it gives him a justified reason to destroy something, so both sides of his conflict gain some sense of satisfaction. . . . . . . .

If his Life as a evil-doer continued he would look something like this: Battle!

When he is not in combat is when he starts to lose his composure. He may start to be cruel, when he can get away with it (example: smacking that old crone) or may try to challenge/goad people in a duel. Fein is a true, proud, and practicing believer in a Military Solution to most problems.

He grudgingly accepting of others, who demonstrate their worth through observed righteousness actions. He can be condescending toward others, until he is comfortable or accepting of them. He would rather tell you what he thinks you need to here/know, rather than tell you the truth, which he may not feel you can handle. (Unless he trusts you)

Fein is well versed in:

  • Astrology / Astronomy
  • Forces of nature and their associated history/mythology
  • Historical events
  • Many customs of foreign lands
  • Knowledge of Dark magic and Occult practices

When he is in deep contemplation, he strokes his beard. When he is combat he is usually insulting and laughing hard at his enemies, stroking his beard. (Think of Pei Mei in Kill Bill vol. 2 or Ghostfaced Killer in The Mystery of Chess Boxing a.k.a. Ninja Checkmate.)

Fein The Iron Mage

Fein the Iron Mage

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