Leucid God of Sleep, Great Creator, Dreamstrider

The God of Sleep is said to create mortal life and experience with his dreams. His protection is of utmost importance to all mortal races worshiping the pantheon. Humans and some Half-Elves shave their heads in hopes of removing barriers to Leucid’s life guidance offered in the subjects dreams.

  • Followers are to see dreams, especially those featuring Leucid himself as spiritual guidance.
  • Directly opposing Leucid’s guidance is said to open one’s dreams to Tressa, Goddess of Nightmares
  • Sleep is sacred and essential to a healthy spiritual and physical life forsaking it is an affront to Leucid.

Imperiad The King, God of the Heavens Unaligned

In the eyes of the immortal, Imperiad is the almighty. Their King. The god whom the gods themselves worship. He seldom bothers himself with matters of the mortal world, and his infrequent attention seems to only show itself in the form of storms. Most mortal beings both fear and revere The King.

-Followers will not speak unkindly of ANY of the gods. -Opposing the commandments of other Gods (especially Gladius – his first son) could result in Imperiad’s wrath

Samarra The Mother, Goddess of Earth Good

The Mother of all Gods, save Imperiad, The Mother is loved and worshiped by both mortal and immortal beings. Her love falls not only her immortal offspring but also upon their mortal creations – the Earth and mortal beings. She is particularly popular among farmer, hunters, and others who make their living of the abundance of the land.

-Followers shall care for the land. -Farmers shall treat their crops and all plant life with respect. -Hunters shall treat their kill with respect

Gladius The Breath, God of Air and Wind, Great Trickster Unaligned

Gladius is the first son of Samarra and Imperiad, and a source of much conflict between the two parental Gods. He is known to use their love of him in deceitful ways to bring favor upon himself. He is said to be the cause of the separation of Heaven and Earth. But for all his faults it his breath which is said to sustain mortal beings, and for that he is worshiped. He is popular among Rogues.

-Followers believe that mankind is bettered by people attending to their own concerns and wishes.

Tressa Goddess of Nightmares, The Fallen Evil

Once a mortal being Tressa was immortalized on a journey to the Abyss. She defiles Leucid’s will in the dreams of man. Corrupting them and leading them to destructive ways.

The Pantheon of the Holy Lands is homebrewed. The Pantheon of the Northern and Southern Grounds is the standard D&D 4e Pantheon.


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