Himmeldon is one of the Holy lands. A High Altar of Imperiad is located in the capital city of Himmeldon (city). Like all of the Holy Lands, Himmeldon is a desert nation. It is comprised mostly of plains, with one mountain range bisecting the nation into north and south regions. Unlike the other nations of the Holy Lands, Himmeldon has embraced knowledge of the Arcane, especially in her northern regions. The southern region boasts a very strong militia centered in the town of Madeira. Himmeldon by virtue of it High Altar of Imperiad, thinks of itself as the power nation of the Holy Lands, and advancing this cause seems to be its primary motivation. Because of this motivation/ambition, Himmeldon has a very tenuous relationship with Nattvar, though there has not been war between the two land since 369, OVER 16 CENTURIES. Himmeldon’s wealth, stability, and great centers of knowledge in the arcane and martial make it the place where families throughout the Holy Lands send their children to study. There is even a University Arcana found in Himmeldon City. Himmeldon’s distinguishing feature in the Holy Lands is simply the much higher lifestyle the nation provides. Himmeldon is, in general, much wealthier than Nattvar and Helsoder.

Other Towns:



The Killing Counter: unsavory place, the party led a Madeiran guard here in the first adventure and knocked him unconscious in one of the spartan rooms. Zordryn questioned patrons about the whereabouts of The Hermit here, as well.

The Brass Lantern: fairly upstanding tavern, which has not yet been visited by the party.


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