Hood DeLind


“Ivan Salavary” is really Hood DeLind – a character I played in Iron Heroes, he died in that game, but he lives again. Hood’s death in that game was… untimely. I am revisiting the character, because he was my favorite – I’m retelling the character though, with a more loft goal, at a larger than life, Michael Bay level, scale.

Hood was a trained executioner in the Iron Heroes universe and adept with light blades in the original campaign, but I’m adding now, that his death was just a transition and not an ending. Also, the character had a confrontation with a Cthulhu, like-god, in the Iron Heroes game.

His new paramount goal will be to kill Cthulhu. When he died in Iron Heroes he moved to another world, born again, a higher magic setting, where he developed great powers. Once again he was killed. Each time he dies, he is reborn and he learns more and become more powerful.

Now, reborn into your world he will unlock all of his potential. Once he has achieved supreme power he will set forth and begin his true purpose: To relieve the sentient being, of all worlds, of their suffering, by destroying all the gods of all worlds, with the final confrontation being with Cthulhu.

He is 6ft tall – 190 – brown hair.

Currently, he is at odds with his own ability to kill. His memory has yet to be fully unlocked and his true power is unknown to him. In time, he will learn and reconcile the destiny that is before him. He is cunning, has a “lifetime” of stories, precise, and ever focused on improvement, friendly, deceptive as necessary to achieve his ends. He is tolerant of all beings of a non – demonic, angelic, elemental, undead, or immortal origin. (so he would have reservations about a Deva.)

Catch phrase, saying: “Sight beyond Sight” – When he use his arcane rat familiar to scout ahead, he puts on a show…

He claims to be a simple sell sword (dagger), but that doesn’t come close to fathoming the depth of the “man”. Sellsword, Bodyguard, and Assassin are all part of catalog, but there is more…

Training Principles: Theatricality, Deception, and the Will to act.

Bravos School of Fighting

Bravos School of Fighting

When Hood was reborn into this world he trained at The Bravos School of Fighting. The Divisions of The Bravos School of Fighting:

  • Lvl 1: Sellswords
  • Lvl 2: Bodyguards
  • Lvl 3: Assassins

The Bravos School of Fighting most secret and highest level of membership is based around the idea of a prophecy, of a being that changes the balance of power between man and the gods. They see the gods as the source of trouble for all other being. They despise the gods’ cruelty, selfishness, their need to be worshipped, and their arbitrary tenets.

  • Lvl4: Known as the “Hoods of Justice”. Carry the principles/objectives of the school into the world or become a teacher at the fight school. (Must have achieved a high success at all 3 divisions first.) They operate some what like the League of Shadows in Batman Begins.)

His last assignment, with The Bravos School of Fighting, was an assassination. In the process a child was killed.

Also, while in the plane of Discordia, Hood was responsible for the capture and incarceration of Fein the Iron Mage.

Hood DeLind

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