Iberia is a stronghold on the Nattvar/Himmeldon border. It is also the location of the High Altar of Leucid. Iberia is currently ruled by giant marshall Halek Slagsord.

Iberia had traditionally been financially supported by the wealthy nobles of the Crystolis Trade Region (Dunnellon, Four Trails, Crestview). Also, a portion of the great amount of wealth that arrives at the foot of the High Altar in the form of donations often filters to the hands of Halek to fund his secondary purpose of protecting the Altar.

Iberia and the High Altar of Leucid is also home of the Nightengales, a high order of epic-level Clerics of Leucid sworn to the protection of Leucid’s slumber. They can date their lineage back to the times of the Great Rift that occurred after the trial of Gladius.

Population: 300. However, at any moment twice as many may reside inside the walls of Iberia. Most of the population is military under the rule of Halek, but a transient population of merchants reside in Iberia on the far side of the Altar from the border. The military is made up of primarily humans with some transplanted dragonborn mercenaries. The merchants are primarily humans and halflings, but all races, excluding eladrin, have been known to peddle their wares in the markets of Iberia.

Defense: Being Iberia’s primary purpose, 2/3 of the population make up the military. In days before the war, Halek could count on hundreds more reinforcement travelling quickly down Leucid’s Ward from other strongholds in the event of attack. Also, the trade region had always sworn the use of their rangers in the event of attack on Iberia. However, all of that is uncertain now and Iberia is the only known remaining Giant-controlled town. As such, Iberia must expect that in the even of attack they are on their own.

Rumor Mills: The Great Mess, The Brass Lantern Inn and Tavern

Organizations: Slagsord’s military, Nightengales, Blackhearts thieves guild, Greycloaks thieves guild

Supplies: most can be found during the day in the markets, also “Nady’s Arms & Smithy”

Temples: High Altar to Leucid, also a shrine to Imperiad exists adjacent to the Great Mess and can be accessed with approval by Halek Slagsord.


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