Player: Bart
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Diety: Imperiad

Markson was abandoned at a temple of Imperiad as an infant, dropped off at night with no note or hint of his heritage. He was taken in and raised to act as a servant for the priests of the temple. He had been given no name, so he was called only “boy” by those who took care of him. He worked the grounds of the temple during the day, and at night he served the priests and acolytes food and drink during their prayers and lessons. He was not mistreated, but he was certainly not well treated, and he harbored resentment to those he served.

When Markson was 13 the head priest of the temple passed away, and a new man named Markus was sent from the high church to serve as the new head priest for the temple. He was an old man, and he seemed impossibly wise. This new priest did not believe that the acolytes should have a servant of their own, and felt great promise in the boy, so he relieved Markson of his duties and allowed him to join the temple as an Acolyte himself. When he asked for his name, Markson replied that he never had a father to name him, and that he was simply known as “boy”. The priest replied “Then I shall be your father, and I will name you Markson”.

As Markson grew into a young adult he quickly surpassed the other Acolytes in both strength and wisdom. He would finish his chores early in the day and did not need to meditate on his lessons to pry the meanings from them. He grew bored and boastful, reveling in challenging and humiliating his fellow acolytes at feats of strength and skill at arms as well traveling into town to pick fights and chase girls. He enjoyed besting those he once had to serve, and he let them know it.

The only one who had any control of him was Markus, the priest who first released him from his service and gave him his name.

For 4 years Markson labored and studied as an Acolyte of Imperiad under the tutelage of Markus, and while he grew very close with Markus, he had no friends and no equals to challenge him.

When he was 17 the Markus pulled Markson aside and told him “You are strong Markson, and wise… but you lack discipline and I cannot watch you as closely as you need. I ask of you to go to the high church and deliver this note. They should accept you into their ranks and I believe you will find what you need there.”

Markson arrived the high church with a note baring Markus’s personal seal. When he brought forth the note he was ushered directly to the high priest who broke the seal and read the note. It did not take long to read, after a few seconds he looked up and said “Markus is a good friend of mine, and there may be no better servant of Imperiad in the realm. He has recommended that you join the order he was once served… So be it.”

With that he was entered into the elite Vanguard Communion. A branch of the church that was responsible for placing themselves directly into the most volatile regions of the Realm and reporting their findings. The men here were a collection of the strongest recruits throughout the entirety of the church. Here were men that were stronger then Markson, and wiser. He rose to the new challenge, excelling even here. Still, these men were his equals and he was humbled anytime he grew to boastful, for there was always someone stronger.

For 3 years he trained, and after 3 years he was strong enough to be named a Cleric of the Vanguard and given a mission. He was sent to Iberia where the God Lucid slept to learn what he could learn.

Relevant NPCS from his past.

Markus – The priest who saw Marksons potential and raised him as a father. He is an old man, appearing to be in his mid 60’s. He carries himself well, and though he has gotten a bit soft over the years, he has the frame of a man that was once exceptionally powerful. He was once a member of the Vanguard of the Communion and he served with distinction, but when time caught up to him he retired to be a temple priest. He currently is harboring some animosity towards Markson stemming from their adventure in Discordia.

Reinold Dumore – An Acolyte that trained with Markson under Markus at Gamal. He was bright, but not exceptional classmate that never accepted Marksons transition from servant to equal. He had been a star pupil before Marksons rise to prominence and he never got past his jealousy.

Meridith Smith – The daughter of the local smith and the primary object of Marksons affections during his stay in Gamal. She was a pretty girl that never passed judgment on Markus. He was always taken to her, but her family prevented them from every forming an official relationship. She liked Markus a good deal, but between her family’s disapproval and Marksons tendency to flirt with other girls, she could never be serious with him. Shortly after Markson left for the Vanguard she was promised to the son of another local merchant to finalize a lucrative trade.

Thomas Mangold – Markson’s chief rival amongst his class in the Vanguard. Thomas is the 2nd son of a member of the ruling class, sent to the Vanguard by his father to help quell the rivalry he had with his older brother over the future of the family estate. He has a powerful sense of entitlement stemming from his noble upbringing and always treated Markson as an inferior. He is also shown favoritism by the Vanguard administration, due to his family donating considerable amounts of resources to the Vanguard upon Thomas’s acceptance into their ranks. All other advantages aside, Thomas was also an exceptional student and was able to match Markson in strength and skill.


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