Nattvar is one of the Holy Lands. A high altar of Leucid is located in Iberia. Nattvar is a vast desert, mountainous nation. The nation has been under the rule of a giant regime for decades which saw the Dwarven race enslaved. In the last decade the nation has been in a civil war. Even with the war seemingly near its end, Nattvar is in chaos with no discernible ruling order. A fragile state. Nattvar’s primary concern as a nation has always been the protection of Leucid’s slumber at the High Altar (even the Giants took this task seriously), but nobody is quite sure of Vitruvius Corbusier’s intent in regards to the High Altar. Nattvar has always had a strained relationship with her bordering nations of Himmeldon and Helsoder. Recently, Himmeldon and Helsoder have closed their borders to fleeing Nattvarians. As a land of antiquity, a Holy Land, much of the world’s history can be traced through Nattvar, especially as it relates to the Gods. The nation of Nattvar is surrounded by an enormous wall called Leucid’s Ward. This wall is dotted with various military strongholds, Iberia being one.

Government: As a nation recovering (and in some areas still at) from civil war, Nattvar’s government is a bit shaky. Vitruvius is the de-facto dictator of the nation due to his success in the war. However, many of the cities and towns of the nation have ostensibly set up city-state like governing bodies, and claim to not exist under the banner of Vitruvius. How these societies will hold up under attack from outside nations is yet to be seen…will they then see shelter under Vitruvius’ mighty defense?

Capital City: Gamal

Other Towns:

Iberia: stronghold on the Luna River bordering Himmeldon and the town of Iberia. Under the rule of the Giant Halek Slagsord. The party’s adventures began in Iberia. Also is the location of the High Altar to Leucid.

Four Trails:




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