Player Characters

Draya- Dragonborn Fighter played by Jill

Corrin Gardner – Halfling Rogue played by David

Sage Strutter – Half-Elf Bard/fighter/wizard played by Corey

Markson – Human Cleric played by Bart

Tahrathael – Deva Avenger by Travis


Martellus Duros – Half-Elf Paladin|Warlock played by Corey

Retired Player Characters

Hood DeLind Aka: Ivan Salavary

Fein the Iron Mage – Dragonborn Sorcerer

Quinn – Human Wizard played by Chris

Zordryn – Eladrin Warlock played by Travis

Raven – Elven Ranger played by Jeremy

Naois – Human Shaman by Jeremy

The World
The campaign world is an enormous place similar in size to earth, and much like earth in the very earliest days of exploration, most knowledge of the world is region-centric. All that most people will know of the distant lands will be by through legends/rumors.

The campaign will be set, at least in the beginning in the nation of Nattvar. Nattvar is one of the “Holy Lands” – nations which are home to one of the three remaining High Altars of the Gods. For centuries, Nattvar has been under the rule of a Giant regime. Many of the nobility of the nation maintained their pre-Giant noble line, and the benefits in wealth and power (to a degree) it provided, but at the cost of an allegiance to the Giants. The real losers in this bargain had been the Dwarves, who suffered over 200 years of slavery under Giant rule.

But things have changed in Nattvar, a pale skinned Man of the North, Vitruvius arrived in the Holy Lands just over a decade ago, and the charismatic leader led a revolt in Nattvar powered by the Dwarves and others sympathizing with their abolitionist cause. In the last year, Vitruvius is rumored to have successfully sacked the capitol city of Gamal, along with nearly every other town of reasonable size.

Torn by civil war, the nation now is on the verge of anarchy. Vitruvius is rumored to have used “dark magic” to catapult himself to victory. Even with the overthrow of the Giants much of Nattvar fears what they have replaced that regime with (?). In addition, neighboring nations seeing a war-weakened Nattvar appear at the ready to advance into the land.

Note: Nattvar is a dry, almost desert-like, mountainous land.

The campaign will begin in Iberia. In purpose, Iberia is an enormous, ancient stronghold – possibly the most important stronghold in all the land. In reality, it has actually become a sizable town as well.

As a stronghold, Iberia serves two important purposes:
1) It is located on the Luna River, which serves as the border between Nattvar and neighboring nation Himmeldon. A bridge spans between Iberia and the Himmeldon bordertown of Madeira. There is a border station at the center of this bridge. As such, Iberia serves as a “Keep on the Borderlands” – duh, duh, duh…
2) More importantly, Iberia was built around the High Altar to Leucid, God of Sleep, the Great Creator, who is said to have created (and still create) all mortal life from his dreams. This High Altars are said to be the ancient homes of the Gods on earth, left behind after the Great Rift which separated heaven and earth. The Altar in Iberia is special in that Leucid is said to remain in slumber there, and must remain in slumber for his awakening or even worse his murder would disrupt his creations. An order of Priests and Clerics known as the Nightengales are bound by Oath to protect Leucid’s resting place.

Currently, Iberia holds the distinction of being one of the only towns left in Nattvar that has not been sacked by Vitruvius – actually not even attacked. It is still under the rule of a Giant Marshall, named Halek Slagsord. It is believed to be just a matter of time before war reaches the walls of Iberia, though. The town’s economy has been poorly effected by the war as well, and so many people have begun pouring out of town that Madeira has closed its border to Iberians.

The people of Iberia fear war arriving at their doorstep.

The Nightengales fear what its arrival means to Leucid’s sleep.

Fein’s and Hood DeLind’s backstories cross passes in this horrid plane. Currently (and Luckily) no events, in the campaign, have occurred in this wretched place… so far.

Perchance to Dream

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