Perchance to Dream

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Martellus returned to Gamal with the prisoners. He explained to Vitruvius what the party had discovered at the Zongxian shrine complex. Vitruvius sent to Martellus to Iberia to check on matters there. In his place, he sent the Wizard, Q’sepheron to help the party at the shrine. Q’sepheron flew to Hazel Mountains on the ritual mount courtesy of Martellus. He arrived at the shrine complex and the well rested party re-entered the complex.

The party chose to enter the ruins of a large building with the statues of two genderless humanoids facing each other forming a gateway. As they approached the statues they noticed stairs leading down a tunnel beneath the ruins. As they reached the bottom of the stairs they entered a well appointed chamber, before them a black silk curtain with the image of silver figures engaged in unarmed combat weaved into the fabric. Corrin heard a swooshing sound from behind the curtain, and venture a peek. He saw a martial arts training room complete with pits, balance beam planks, swinging knock down blocks of wood and huge spiked knockdown balls, platforms, and, oh yeah three undead monks guarding the place.

Markson become particularly intrigued by this challenge and storms into the room and jumps across one of the pits. Battle ensues. The rest of the party joins the fun. Q’sepheron proves his salt keeping one of the monks out of the battle for most of the fights by slowing him with Ray of Frost. The party endures a tough, tough battle…many times being tossed by one of the monks into the obstacles provided by the training room. But eventually, the party is victorious.

The party sets about creating much safer passage over the pits. A voice booms from someone calling himself the Grandmaster. Challenging them to a much more dangerous challenge. The party first decides to check out two other chambers…they find one ransacked sleeping area, and another room that appears to be just for storing scrolls. Then mosy on over to the Grandmaster’s dojo. He is intent to taunt the party. Markson tries to talk him up some, but the Grandmaster doesn’t seem to up on goings on at the shrine. Q’sepheron tries to talk him into letting them loot some of the scrolls, but the Grandmaster is having none of it. The G’master does seem intent on taunting Corrin, who is disguised as the Hermit. Evidently the Hermit had already paid a visit to the Grandmaster with some of his minions and left with his tail between his legs. Q’sepheron grows tired of the talking and casts a wall of fire around the G’man. A well singed Grandmaster emerges from the fire. And battle ensues…and the Grandmaster won’t be talking a good game any longer, as he continually is pushed back into the wall of fire. Fried to death, his body vanishes…behind he leaves a hexagonal slab of marble and his quarterstaff.


awesome. Thanks Corey for posting the pictures

Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

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