Perchance to Dream

Shaador's Will

Our intrepid heroes returned to Gamal victorious over the evil monks and made discoveries into the hermit interest in that blighted place. They spoke with Vitruvius informed his of their deeds. Vitruvius learned from the adventurers, that the hermit wanted to use/recruit the Llama for his army and also funded experiments to change normal beings into a monstrous army. They also informed his of Mangold’s involvement with the experimenter. Vitruvius appreciated the information and rewarded the party for their efforts. They received the titles of Marshals of Iberia. Further, he allocated the party 4 dwarven warriors for use in Iberia: Bur, Delp, Darm, Lor, and Skullsnaek(who were sent ahead to Iberia). Vitruvius also let them know about a summons from Four-Trails for the will reading of their “friend” and travel companion Shaador.

Before they set off, Vitruvius extended an invitation to them, to sit in his state room to view a local celebratory concert with him. The show’s headline act featured the musical styling of Sage Strutter and the Unseen Servants; a local and very popular musician with a flare for arcane dramatics. Some of the songs featured were stories about the adventures and their magnificent accomplishments, told with astonishing detail.

Note: Unseen Servants not pictured – in their place an Earth Elemental, cause it looks cool.

A fun and relaxing night was had by all – exception for Markson, who after eating some bad beef, at Grubb’s Good Eats and Sleeps, had a Paragon Case of the runs.

The next day the party flew out of Gamal for Iberia. On there way they stopped in Four-Trails for the reading of Shaador’s Last Will and Testament. The party flew right into mayoral build; Markson made for the bathroom straightaway. They informed the mayor of the new titles, deeds, and their current business in Four-Trails. The mayor was happy to see them again and was pleased to hear that trade relations with Iberia would soon be improving. The party left the office to bed down until the will reading the next day. Markson continued to get dirty looks from the janitors of the town…

The will reading took place in the town center with many on-lookers. The old miser, Millianius the Bleak, slowly made his way to the stage set up for the event. He announced that the party would gain a reward once they performed a certain task. The old miser held up a large red ruby and said they could claims it, if they – KABOOM!!!!! A DEMON APPEARED!

A demon of the large-fiery-grabby-kind blew the stage apart. The monster had friends too, who boiled up out of the sewers, of the undead aura-stacking-kind. The heroes had no trouble vanquishing the demon, but the undead were another story. The mass of undead beings closed on the heroes, their vile nature seemed to compound their effects on the party. A long hard fought battle ensued. In what was an almost fatal confrontation for the heroes, they suffered one causality, Markson, lay knocked-out. He had delivery grievous wounds to his enemy before they got the better of him. He laid, boots soaked in blood, pants filled with waste. The party revived him shortly after the near-miss fight. Only the might of Draya, the heart of Corrin, the wiliness of Martellus, and the special guest-starring of Qsiphoron kept them alive.

The wizard Qsiphoron found a number of interesting items in the remains of the stage (and Millianius the Bleak); among them was a magic ring and fine rapier with a very strong magic aura. Corrin showed great interest in the weapon, but realized that he had no experience with a rapier. Martellus stepped in and said he could use his arcane techniques to imbue Corrin’s favored weapon, a short sword, with the power contained within the rapier. Martellius commandeered J’Vorny’s Armory, a weapon shop in the town square, so he could perform his ritual.

No sooner than Martellius finished the ritual (and Markson finished “cleaning” himself), screams from the local townsfolk alerted them to a new danger. A Demonic ant-like insectoid appeared out of the sewers. They confronted and destroyed the hellspawn expeditiously. The party wasted no time; they dashed down into the sewers to confront the source of the dangers. The stench was immense, even more foul then Markson. Not far into the depth they found more demonic ant-like insectoids and large spider-like creature. Markson one again struck home with a critical shot that crippled his enemy. The heroes dispatched their enemies with gusto, while dodging the dangers of the possibly magically active river of filth.



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