Draya Cinderhide

Dragonborn Fighter

Draya was born in the capitol city of Nattvar, Gamal.  She was born to General Shepra and his mate Ildia.  Draya is the seventh dragonborn child born to General Shepra and the only female.  She was a “surprise” ,if you will ,to her parents. 

    After Draya hatched, Ildia took ill and passed to the beyond.  Shepra loved Ildia and wanted to spend eternity with this mate, which is highy unorthodox of the Dragonborn.  He thought he was finished raising young ones.  He had six very strong sons bore to him by six very wonderful female Dragonborns. He blamed Draya for Ildia’s death and came to resent his only daughter.  He enlisted one of  his former mates, Dar, to nurse and raise the young burden. 

    Dar basically raised Draya from birth to 10 years of age.  When Draya was two years of age, she was introduced to one of older brothers, Brashal.  Brashal, the son of Dar and Shepra, took an immediate liking to his younger sister of five years.  She would follow him all around and watch him practice his fighting skills that were being taught to him by their father, Shepra.   

    Brashal was only allowed to visit his mother twice a week.  The rest of the time was spent training to become a fighting machine in his father’s army.  The order commonly known as “The Great Defenders of Leucid, the great creator”  Brashal was mastering his breath weapon of  “poison” and becoming a master of the greataxe.  Shepra was very pleased with his son’s progress and willingness to learn.  He knew that Brashal would be a great defender and perhaps, even be his successor in the paladin order.

    As Draya grew, she became more and more interested in the fighting skills and techniques that her brothers were being trained in.  She had no desire to be “an incubator”.  She wanted to be a “Great Defender of Leucid, the great creator.”  She wanted to learn the ways of the fighter.  She accompanied Brashal to one of training sessions with their father.  When she told Shepra of her desire to become a fighter, he laughed coldly in her face and told her to get out of his sight.  Defeated, she ran as far as she could from her father’s training grounds.  Brashal found her at the local blacksmith’s shop buying a handaxe.

    Brahsal decided that his younger sister had the desire and motivation to become a fighter.  He trained her at night, after long sessions with his father.  He would meet her beyond the gates of Gamal in the Crescent Forest.  At first, Draya hated the “torturous” drills her brother put her through, but eventually she understood the need for such drills and the skills she learned from them.  When it came to mastering her handaxe, she was a pro.  She picked it up instantly, which impressed her older brother.  He decided to get her a battleaxe.  She became a master at it just as easily as she had the handaxe.  He also trained her to use a shield.  He could not believe how fast she picked things up and how quick she was.  He was very impressed with her skills and mastery of the axes.  When he told his father of Draya, he was not interested in hearing about her.

    One day when Draya was 17 years of age, Brashal was showing her how to use a long sword.  “It is lighter than that of your axe, but just as useful.”  he said as he unsheathed the shiny sword.  Draya looked at the skinny sword with disgust.  She preferred her axes, as they had greater heft and seemed to deal a great deal damage.  Brashal told Draya she needed to learn other weapons as well as her axes in case she was ever in a situation where she did not have her axe.  She would have to know how to properly wield other weapons.   As he began to show her the proper technique of the long sword, an arrow came straight at them.  Brashal looked up just in time and pushed his sister out of the way.  The arrow struck Brashal in the neck, piercing a main artery.  After a barrage of swear words passed her lips, she got to her feet and noticed her brother lying on the ground grabbing at his throat.  She looked at the arrow lodged in his neck.  She dropped to her knees and screamed at him what to do.  He smiled at her and grabbed her arm.  She looked down at his hand.  He pointed to the sword on the ground.  She looked over at the sword and then back at her brother.  She smiled a faint smile and nodded through the tears rolling down her face.

    Draya looked up and saw a group of soldiers running in their direction.  One of them was her brother Ralamn.  “Oh no!”  he said as he ran up and fell to the ground next to Brashal and looked at the arrow stuck in his neck.  Brashal looked up at him and gave a slight grin.  

    Brashal knew it was Ralamn who had shot the arrow.  “The Great Defenders of Leucid” were out on a training mission in the Crescent Forest.  He knew that his father would be there and he wanted him to see Draya.  His hopes were that his father would finally see for himself that his only daughter was just as equal to his sons, maybe even better.  Ralamn was just learning how to use the bow and arrow and was not doing well, he just couldn’t grasp it.  Ralamn apologized over and over to Brashal.  Shepra ran up to the three of them and fell to the ground next to his prodigal son.  He glared over at Ralamn and then shoved him away.

“You are no longer a son of mine!  Get out of my sight!”  Ralamn looked at his father then down at Brashal and Draya. Then he ran off into the forest.  Shepra looked at Brashal’s face and the arrow sticking out of his throat.  He then looked over at Draya.

    “I hope you are happy.  This is two people that I have loved beyond all that there is that you are responsible for killing.”  he said with pure hatred in his eyes and tone.  Draya looked over at the man who as suppose to be her father.  Brashal grabbed his father’s arm tightly.  Shepra looked down at Brashal’s face.  Brashal shook his head “no” and looked over at Draya and grinned.  She looked down at Brashal and stroked his face.  “I will complete my training dear Brashal.  I will make you proud, that is a promise I will keep.  I will be one of the greatest fighters in all the land.”  she said as she kissed his forehead.  Brashal motioned for her to come closer.  He took the Cinderhide crest from his neck, a gift from his father.  Shepra gave his favorite son the crest as a token for all his hard training and mastering of many weapons and skills.  He placed it in her hand.  “You….. now.”  he muttered before closing his eyes and going to the beyond.  

    Draya stroked his forehead and leaned her face to his forehead.  “Have a safe journey my teacher, friend, and most importantly, brother.”  she whispered before kissing his forehead.  

    Draya gathered her weapons and looked over at her father, Shepra kneeling next to Brashal.  He glared in her direction.  She turned to walk back to Gamal, but turned to him.  “I know you are bothered to have a daughter and you think I am not worthy of your training or kindness, but I will make you proud of me father.  Brashal instilled in me the true meaning of a fighter and what it is like to have the heart of a fighter.  Whether it be in life or death, you WILL be proud of your only daughter, General Shepra.”  Draya turned away from her father and walked away.  She never looked back and had no desire to do so.  

    Draya gathered her belongings at the Palomino Inn where she had taken up residency since she was 15 years of age.  She dressed in the chain mail armor that Brashal had made especially for her and put on her pack and weapons.  She left the Palomino Inn and Gamal.  She headed off to a place where she could utilize the skills of a fighter, the skills that her dear brother Brashal had instilled in her from a young age.  She grasped the Cinderhide crest in her clawed hand and set out to become the greatest fighter in the history of Nattvar.

    She arrived in the Iberia a few weeks later and set up residency at the Brass Lantern.  She wakes at dawn daily to train.  She is proficient with the battleaxe and shield, and working on the long sword. 

Draya Cinderhide

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