Wandering Wizard


When asked about his past Quinn just smiles and tells inquiring minds about what he did the day before. Where he comes from, his childhood and how he learned magic remains a mystery even to those he considers his trusted allies. This secrecy has led some people, with overactive imaginations, to believe that there is some deep dark secret about his past and that he is running from something. Those that take the time to get to know Quinn however understand that he is neither running from nor to anything.

Though Quinn reacts just like any Wizard to the discovery of new magic, childish excitement followed by the barely restrained urge to use it before fully understanding it, Quinn’s adventures are not fueled by the lust for power or arcane knowledge. Instead curiosity seems to be Quinn’s driving force. Though Quinn’s desire to leave no rock unturned and no door unopened has led him into dangerous situations in the past, his response to those that tell him curiosity killed the cat? “more likely, the cat was just unlucky.”


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